19c EM Express (aka Oracle Cloud Database Express)

OEM in Oracle7 #nostalgia
19c EM Express login screen when connecting to CDB port
SQL> exec dbms_xdb_config.sethttpsport(5500);PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


grant create session,sysdba to c##sysdba identified by "oracle" container=all;
grant create session,sysoper to c##sysoper identified by "oracle" container=all;
grant dba to c##dba identified by "oracle" container=all;
grant sysdba,sysoper,dba to c##all identified by "oracle" container=all;
C##DBA (role DBA) and SYS can connect, but not my SYSDBA custom users



There’s only one item in the 19.2 menu: Performance/ Performance Hub

HTML5, ASH Analytics,…

Update 24-JUN-2019

?/rdbms/admin/execemx emx



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