3 months after the Oracle “Always Free” Tier — unexpected termination. But don’t panic.

3 months ago, when Larry Ellison announced the “Always Free Tier”, I posted a blog about its possibilities and limitation:

Autonomous Database

About the Autonomous Databases, I got the same as Dani Schider:

00 00 * * * TNS_ADMIN=/home/opc/wallet sqlplus -s -L demo/"**P455w0rd**"@atp1_low >/tmp/atp1.log <<<'select banner,current_timestamp from v$version;'
00 00 * * * TNS_ADMIN=/home/opc/wallet sqlplus -s -L demo/"**P455w0rd**"@adw1_low >/tmp/adw1.log <<<'select banner,current_timestamp from v$version;'

Compute Instance

I received this notification which proves that:

  • the free tier is still considered as production

Compute > Boot Volumes

The name is easy to find: “A (Boot Volume)” is the boot volume for the instance “A” that was terminated:

Create Instance

From the context menu on the boot volume, just click “Create Instance”

Public network

Do not forget by the default is no interface on the public internet. Click on “Show Shape”, go to “Network and Storage Options” and select the “Public subnet”

Finally all good

We were notified about the problem, with the simple way to recover and no data was lost, so no big damage. But if you relied on an 24/7 up service then some manual intervention (“human labor” ;) is required to get the service up and change the IP addresses. Remember that it is a free service and “you get what you pay for”…

Update 21-DEC-2019

I received a notification that they have finished restoring the compute instances:

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