kglLock()+1406<-kglget()+293<-qostobkglcrt1()+498<-qostobkglcrt()+248<-qostobkglcrt2()+412<-qospsis()+2511 <-qospPostProcessIStats()+2765<-qerltFetch()+1544<-qerstFetch()+449<-insdlexe()+364<-insExecStmtExecIniEngine()+1810<-insexe()+2283<-atbugi_update_global_indexes()+1656<-atbFMdrop()+3088<-atbdrv()+7719

A Friday afternoon story

1. Workaround to fix the production issue

2. Testcase to open a SR

insert /*+ RELATIONAL("...") NO_PARALLEL APPEND NESTED_TABLE_SET_SETID NO_REF_CASCADE */ into "..."."..." partition ("P1") select /*+ RELATIONAL("...") NO_PARALLEL */ * from NO_CROSS_CONTAINER ( "..."."..." ) partition ("...") delete global indexes
create table DEMO (a primary key,b not null)
partition by range (a) (partition p1 values less than(5),partition p2 values less than (maxvalue))
as select rownum,rownum from xmltable('1 to 10')
create index DEMO_B on DEMO(B) global;
alter session set "_fast_index_maintenance"=false;
alter table DEMO drop partition for(1) update global indexes;

The message from this post

A small management summary



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