The key concepts of YugabyteDB

from the YFTT first episode with the Yugabyte founders

Technical questions are better answered by engineers. The Yugabyte Friday Tech Talks is the right place and the first episode had the three founders of the PostgreSQL compatible open-source distributed SQL database YugabyteDB

What means “Cloud-Native”?

  1. scale: you can ask for a machine and get it in a few minutes
  2. always available: machines are inherently going to fail at some point
  3. replicate data across data centers
Karthik Ranganathan at 07:04

Why a “two layer architecture” ?

  1. user facing popular API: reuse the PostgreSQL codebase,
    compares to AWS Aurora
  2. horizontally scalable engine: distributed storage and transactions,
    compares to Google Spanner
Mikhail Bautin at 08:47

Reasons for “SQL” and “relational” API?

  1. data modeling flexibility
  2. query flexibility
  3. write productive applications
Kannan Muthukkaruppan at 10:41

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Franck Pachot

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