What about those 19 Oracle features that I thought I would miss? ⭕🧪🚀 — a comparison with YugabyteDB


🚀 1- lock-free SELECT

⭕ 2- fast load INSERT

🧪 3- in-place UPDATE

🚀 4- index only access

🚀 5- no need to reorg

🧪 6- cursor sharing

🚀 7- partitioning

⭕ 8- optimizer features enable

🚀 9- hints

🚀 10- crash/media recovery

🧪 11- RMAN

🧪 12- My Oracle Support

⭕ 13- wait events

🚀 14- upgrade and migration

🧪 15- multiplatform

⭕ 16- materialized views

🚀 17- flashback

🚀 18- Data Guard

19- Other features

🚀Online operations to save your week-ends

🚀Parallel Query to scale on multi-core processors

🧪 Data Pump to copy, migrate, archive, convert,…

🚀Audit without any additional development

🚀 VPD to secure and isolate data without changing the code

🚀CMAN to have a single network address with HA and DR

🧪 PL/SQL, EBR, APEX… to rapidly build efficient applications

🧪 DRCP so scale the many micro-service connection pools

🚀 JSON support for new data with same performance and reliability

🧪 20- Block Chain table




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Franck Pachot

Franck Pachot


Developer Advocate at Yugabyte, Open Source distributed SQL database 🚀 Also Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified Master, AWS Data Hero, OakTable member