YugabyteDB on Jelastic in the Hidora cloud 🇨🇭

Create New Environment
Custom Container Image
Container Layer Settings
CMD / Entry Point
bash -c '
yum install -y gcc && echo -e "#define _GNU_SOURCE\n#include <unistd.h>\nint sched_getcpu (void) { return sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF)-1 ; };\n" > sched_getcpu.c && gcc -shared -o /tmp/sched_getcpu.so -fPIC sched_getcpu.c ; export LD_PRELOAD=/tmp/sched_getcpu.so && ulimit -n 1048576 && /home/yugabyte/bin/yugabyted start --daemon=false --base_dir /mnt/disk0 --data_dir=/mnt/disk1 --master_webserver_port=80 --ysql_port 5433 --listen $HOSTNAME $(echo --join $MASTER_HOST | grep -v ${HOSTNAME%%-*})
  • I set ulimit higher
  • I workaround an issue with OpenVZ/Virtuozzo not counting CPU correctly — and OpenVZ is used by Jelastic PaaS. See:
Stateless horizontal scaling
Stateful horizontal scaling
Stateful horizontal scaling with 1 node
Application Servers Config — Disks
Restart Container
[yugabyted start] 2022-06-27 05:35:16,775 ERROR:  | 18.5s | Unable to add master node133619-yb-demo.hidora.com to existing cluster at node133617.
For more information, check the logs in /mnt/disk0/logs
[yugabyted start] 2022-06-27 05:35:16,775 INFO: | 18.5s | Shutting down...
master console though load balancer
Environment Settings
Horizontal Scaling
2 masters console
RF=3 console
image version
psql postgres://node133598-yb-demo.hidora.com:11328
select * from yb_servers()
auto-scaling rules



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Franck Pachot

Franck Pachot


Developer Advocate at Yugabyte, Open Source distributed SQL database 🚀 Also Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified Master, AWS Data Hero, OakTable member